Progressives Are Ready for Hillary | Roll Call


The progressive values and policies that Hillary Rodham Clinton represents have Democrats and Americans across the country more excited than ever. But lately, pundits and some in the media have attempted to drive a narrative that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is not unified behind Hillary. As a progressive myself, and one who proudly hails from the ultimate battleground state of Ohio, this could not be further from the truth. Clinton’s record speaks for itself.

Progressives support Clinton because of her experience and leadership on many of the issues that matter most. In Arkansas, she expanded childhood education throughout the state. As first lady, she worked to increase access to health care for every American. As a senator, she repeatedly fought to increase the minimum wage and extend unemployment benefits. While secretary of State, she worked to empower women and expand LGBT rights and more recently, through the Clinton Foundation, she has developed initiatives to help children and low-income families.

Simply put, Clinton understands the importance of investing in the fundamental building blocks that make America the envy of the world.

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